BBC iPlayer drm removal - Ways to eliminate DRM from BBC iPlayer Programs

Published: 05th April 2011
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The programs that you got via BBC iPlayer should self destruct after thirty days from the day you save it. And when you get a show has played you should watch it within 7 days or it will be gone by default in your laptop or desktop. If you'd like to maintain the saved programs on your computer for a long time you'll need a BBC iPlayer DRM removal. This tutorial will teach you how you can remove DRM from BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer (was formerly generally known as Integrated Media Player (iMP), Interactive Media Player and MyBBCPlayer) is a service that allows you to meet up with television and radio programs in the previous 7 days of BBC. BBC iPlayer apply Microsoft's "Play for Sure" DRM technologies. As stated in BBC iPlayer Terms, "In order to meet the BBC's obligations to rights holders, the BBC will embedded downloadable BBC with digital rights management security."

What exactly is BBC iPlayer DRM removal and how to make use of it?

DRM Converter is a DRM removal tool that can easy to get rid of DRM encoding from downloaded BBC iPlay shows or other DRM protected songs and shows, make those contents DRM free. And after removing DRM encryption you will be able to keep BBC iPlayer contents for ever and enjoy them with your portable devices like Tablet, Apple iPod, Sony Walkman, Smart phone or even burn to DVD disc.

By the below guide I will show you how to start using this BBC iPlayer DRM removal step by step. The whole DRM conversion will takes only three simple steps.

Download DRM Converter and install it.

Step one. launch DRM Converter, load you music files by clicking 'add video' button, in most cases you will find your iTunes songs in C:\My Documents\My music\iTunes (default directory). You could add just one file or a number of files.

Step two. Preview picked files on preview area simply clicking play icon. You have a number of choices for your output formats. I suggest you go with MP3 for music, MP4 for movie and Tv shows. After that pick output folder (that should be easy to remember).

Step three. Finally, just go to 'Start' button. This DRM Converter will remove DRM encryption from iTunes 9 & 10 completely.

Tips: This DRM Converter can also be a great Video Converter, when you got any video files that is not suitable for iTunes 10, iPod, iPhone, you could also make use of it to convert video to any format you want.

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